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First Artists

Incantio’s music licensing platform is driven by innovative technology and curated by AI, seamlessly delivering a constant stream of music for discovery,  

Our goal is to bring more equity and opportunity into the licensing space.


Welcome to Incantio!

Meet the Team

First Artist FAQs

How do I get my music on Incantio?

We are currently assembling our core group of First Artists to build our modern music marketplace. First Artists will need to have a good number of tracks to add out of the gate. If you only have a few tracks to add, we would still like to talk to you. Quality vs quantity is not a deal breaker.

We are in the early stages of Incantio and are using input from artists like yourself to make it the most artist-friendly music licensing platform on the market.


As musicians ourselves, we are working to break the old music business model by trying to create a direct connection between artists like yourself and content creators.


It is our vision that Incantio will create a more equitable sync licensing experience for independent artists and content creators alike.

What type of music do you accept?

We’re looking for indie artists from around the world to join this pre-launch group and we are accepting all genres. Please use the contact form below to send a link to your music and we’ll review it and get back to you. Referrals to other artists are welcome too!

My music has been reviewed and accepted. When can I upload my tracks?

We will be updating First Artists as we work towards the uploader page going live. Stay tuned and look for update emails in your inbox

What type of audio file can I upload?

We’re asking for 16bit WAV file format only (48k or 44.1k sample rate). Please organize them in folders for albums. Artwork is not required, but if you have cover art for your album, please have the image in jpg or png format with a minimum image size of 1000 x 1000 and a maximum file size of 20MB and place it in the album folder with the WAV files.

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