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First Artist FAQs

We are in the early stages of Incantio and are using input from artists like yourself to make it the most artist-friendly music licensing platform on the market. As musicians ourselves, we are working to break the old music business model by trying to create a direct connection between artists like yourself and content creators. It is our vision that Incantio will create a more equitable sync licensing experience for independent artists and content creators alike.

How do I get my music on Incantio?

We are currently assembling our core group of First Artists to build our modern music marketplace. First Artists will need to have a good number of tracks to add out of the gate. If you only have a few tracks to add, we would still like to talk to you. Quality vs quantity is not a deal breaker.

What type of music do you accept?

My music has been reviewed and accepted. When can I upload my tracks?

What type of audio file can I upload?

Interested in learning more about being an artist on Incantio?



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